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Pasabahce quality level is a result of decades of glassmaking experience and continuous research in the tableware field. Having ISO9000 certificates, all Pasabahce products are subject to stringent quality controls through all stages of manufacturing.

Glass is a non-porous material and our products have completely hygienic surfaces which can be used for food and beverage safely. This condition is maintained for years and after many washes, thus prevents bacterial growth & germs.

Pasabahce quality glassware items are especially designed for both foodservice and home use to obtain the following assets. Balance proportions for excellent stability. Full assortments and right products for various needs. Conceived aesthetic quality reflecting new trends. Functional yet contemporary products.

Selected items in this catalogue are either full tempered or rim toughened.
* This treatment gives the following advantages to our products.
* They are more resistant to strong shocks, breakage or scratches.
* They are resistant to sudden heat changes and can be easily used in microwave ovens.
* They will break into smaller and bluntier pieces in case of a strong shock instead of sharp pieces.
* They are highly resistant to the effects of soapy water, acids and dishwasher.
* All these advantages means long life and minimum need for replacement.

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