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Cool for school..Lunch Bags for Toddlers and Young Kids

NEW! Creature Shapes

"Hey, my name is Oggli! I spend my days at the aquarium learning about the sea and my favorite animal is the dolphin. I like to bring a turkey sandwwich and applesauce for lunch."

"What's up? My name is Phizzt! I like to have a nice cold glass of grape juice while coloring in my comic books. My favorite snack is celery with peanut butter...Yummy!"

"What's shakin'? My name is Tango! I love going on adventures on the playground and my favorite activity is the monkey bars. I eat carrot sticks to keep my energy up!"

"Yo, my name is Razz! My favorite subjects are music and art where I can play guitar and paint. I like snacking on string cheese and blueberries."

Product Features:

• Thick insulation keeps lunch cool
• Antimicrobial, easy to clean, leak-resistant liner
• Mesh water bottle pocket
• Convenient carry handle with buckle to attach to backpack
• All lunchkits are PVC free

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