Nude: Simple is Beautiful...Simple is pure, clear, and transparent...

Good quality drinks, notably wine, require optimum care for full appreciation of their taste. The matching food, proper service temperature, and the right glass are very important for optimum enjoyment of this meticulously produced beverage with knowledge and experience gathered in the course of many centuries.

Pasabahce, as a contribution to the wine and beverage culture as well as to the service sector in the world, has rebranded its crystal line to Nude. This brand intends to meet the glass needs of both the wine lovers and the service sector at the highest quality.

Nude crystals are produced automatically by machines but has the fineness, brilliance, clarity and transparency of hand-made products.

The lead-free crystal of Nude is dishwasher safe for over 2000 cycles according to European Standard EN 12875. With its special composition that brings high durability, glamorous brilliance and perfect clarity.

Formerly known as F&D and Pasabahce Superior, Nude crystal glass is beyond ordinary.

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